Archive: 27/04/2007

Arming the fight against resistant bacteria

In 1928, Alexander Fleming opened the door to treating bacterial infections when he stumbled upon the first known antibiotic in a Penicillium mold growing in a discarded experiment.

dateApr 27, 2007 in
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Optoelectronic tweezers push nanowires around

In efforts that can improve studies of biological objects and the construction of nanotech materials, researchers at the University of California-Berkeley have invented "optoelectronic tweezers," a new way of controlling ...

dateApr 27, 2007 in Nanophysics
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Florida Might Be Tech's Next Big Hub

Silicon Valley is still thriving despite its high cost of living, but a recent AEA report ranks Florida as the fourth-largest and second-fastest-growing "Cyberstate."

dateApr 27, 2007 in Business
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