Production begins for Xbox 360 chips

The IBM chip that will power Microsoft's Xbox 360 console is in production and on target for the device's pre-Christmas launch next month.

Tropical cloud 'dust' could hold the key to climate change

Scientists at the University of Manchester will set off for Australia this week to undertake an in-depth study of tropical clouds and the particles sucked up into them to gain further insight into climate change and the depletion ...

Genetic map may help find disease causes

Scientists announced in Salt Lake City the mapping of the most common genetic differences across the entire genome for 269 different humans.

Nanomolecular motor spins on a surface

Netherlands scientists say they've developed the first molecular motor that rotates in just one direction while attached to a solid surface.

Rocket-fueled bacteria clean up waste

Bacteria that make rocket fuel as part of their metabolism are making sewage treatment less expensive and kinder to the environment, British researchers say.

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