New material aids in neural stimulation using light

The ability to target and stimulate neurons brings a host of benefits including better understanding brain function and treating neurological diseases. Currently, state-of-the-art microelectrode arrays (MEAs) can stimulate ...

Ultrafast electron microscopy leads to pivotal discovery

Everyone who has ever been to the Grand Canyon can relate to having strong feelings from being close to one of nature's edges. Similarly, scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory have ...

California winds shifting as wildfire battles go on

California weather was heating up and winds were shifting Thursday as more than 14,000 firefighters battled wildfires up and down the state, including a major blaze they hoped to keep out of the Lake Tahoe resort region.

Cultural backlash: Is LGBTQ progress an attack on Christianity?

Is Christianity under attack in the United States? It depends on whom you ask. Some church leaders and politicians claim recent LGBTQ progress—such as the 2015 U.S. Supreme Court ruling guaranteeing same-sex couples the ...

Ending prices with ".99" can backfire on sellers

Setting a price just below a round number ($39.99 instead of $40) may lead consumers into thinking a product is less expensive than it really is—but it can sometimes backfire on sellers, a new study shows.

Learning biology by playing with proteins

It's a cloudy July afternoon in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and MIT Edgerton Center Instructor Amanda Mayer is using brightly-colored plastic to build proteins. She takes a small yellow block and moves it to the end of a chain ...

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