Archive: 26/07/2006

The Web: Designing like an expert online

Design and graphics software used to be targeted solely at commercial art professionals -- creative directors at ad agencies and magazine production editors. And, perhaps, rightly so. But the Internet is changing all that, ...

dateJul 26, 2006 in Internet
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Island Universes with a twist

If life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you will get – the Universe, with its immensely large variety of galaxies, must be a real candy store! ESO's Very Large Telescope has taken images of three different ...

dateJul 26, 2006 in Astronomy
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Plenty of nothing: A hole new quantum spin

Electronic devices are always shrinking in size but it's hard to imagine anything beating what researchers at the University of New South Wales have created: a tiny wire that doesn't even use electrons to carry a current.

dateJul 26, 2006 in General Physics
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Real-time decision-support system can save lives

Making the right decision when you are under pressure can make the difference between success and failure in many safety-critical applications. When you are faced with a major fire for example, it could save lives, as it ...

dateJul 26, 2006 in Software
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