Archive: 26/07/2006

Space Station Set for Expansion

The next part of the International Space Station might resemble a cocoon when tucked inside Space Shuttle Atlantis for flight. But by the time it's deployed in space, the segment that will provide a quarter of the completed ...

dateJul 26, 2006 in Space Exploration
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U.S. hospital uses supercomputer

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, located in the western United States, has been recognized as having one of the world's most powerful computers.

dateJul 26, 2006 in Other
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Nano World: Nano helps keep cells alive

Encasing living cells in networks of silica and fatty layers only nanometers or billionths of a meter in size could help keep them alive longer for use in novel chemical factories or sensors, experts tell UPI's Nano World.

dateJul 26, 2006 in Bio & Medicine
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UW Mathematician to Study Tornado Turbulence

Anyone who has seen a tornado has noticed its snake-like core weaving from an imaginary hole in the sky to threaten the ground below. However, not everyone who has witnessed a tornado calls it a "vortex filament" and views ...

dateJul 26, 2006 in Mathematics
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