NASA satellites see wildfires across Colorado

Nearly half of the United States' airborne fire suppression equipment was operating over Colorado on June 25, 2012, CNN reported, as tens of thousands of acres burned. Fires raged in southwestern Colorado, northeastern Colorado, ...

Ex-UK minister: Don't adopt French privacy laws

(AP) — A former British government minister brought down by a tabloid kiss-and-tell has told the country's media ethics inquiry that adopting French-style privacy laws would be a mistake.

New book looks at hotspots around the world for mega-quakes

(Phys.org) -- At the beginning of 2010, Oregon State University geologist Bob Yeats told a national reporter that Port au Prince, Haiti, was a "time bomb" for a devastating earthquake because of its crowded, poorly constructed ...

Houston workshop marks key step in planning future Mars missions

A recent workshop conducted for NASA by the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) in Houston, marked a key step in the agency's effort to forge a new Mars strategy in the coming decades. A report that summarizes the wide range ...

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