Russian spaceship docks at the ISS

Russian officials say the Progress M-56 supply spacecraft launched Monday docked Wednesday with the orbiting International Space Station.

Sieves put a lid on greenhouse gas

Scientists are about to test microscopic sieves that trap environmentally destructive greenhouse gases before they escape coal-fired power stations and refineries.

UW Economist: High Prices at the Pump to Last for Months

As President Bush Tuesday called for temporarily halting deposits to the nation’s strategic petroleum reserve to make more oil available for consumer need and has ordered investigations into whether the price of gasoline ...

Cancer alert sounded in Massachusetts

Residents of Ashland, Mass., are being urged to consult a physician about cancer risks if they swam or waded in water near a hazardous waste site before 1985.

An 'open' Internet without gatekeepers

Professor Jonathan Zittrain, first Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation, stressed the importance of an 'open' Internet in his inaugural lecture.

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