Archive: 26/03/2009

Webcam follows Peregrine Falcons

A rare couple of Peregrine Falcons nesting atop Warsaw's landmark Stalinist-era Palace of Culture could gain a global following after the launch Thursday of a webcam site showing their nest.

dateMar 26, 2009 in Plants & Animals
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NY Times, Washington Post to cull staff

The New York Times and Washington Post, two of the most prestigious titles in American journalism, plan another round of pay cuts, layoffs and buyouts amid a steep decline in advertising revenue.

dateMar 26, 2009 in Business
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AT&T to start sending copyright warnings

(AP) -- AT&T Inc., the nation's largest Internet service provider, will start sending warnings to its subscribers when music labels and movie studios allege that they are trafficking in pirated material, according to an ...

dateMar 26, 2009 in Telecom
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