Engineered metamaterials enable remarkably small antennas

In an advance that might interest Q-Branch, the gadget makers for James Bond, the National Institute of Standards and Technology and partners from industry and academia have designed and tested experimental antennas that ...

A Venus flytrap for nuclear waste

Not every object is food to a Venus flytrap. Like the carnivorous plant, a new material developed at Northwestern University permanently traps only its desired prey, the radioactive ion cesium, and not other harmless ions ...

231-mph NH wind gust is no longer world's fastest

(AP) -- First the Old Man, now the Big Wind. New Hampshire's Mount Washington has lost its distinction as the site of the fastest wind gust ever recorded on Earth, officials at the Mount Washington Observatory said Tuesday.

zeroHouse Speaks To The Conservationist And The Romanticist

As if designing an energy-neutral, self-sustaining home for four was not enough for Scott Specht and Louise Harpman, of the NYC/Austin-based architectural firm Specht Harpman, the zeroHouse™ has even more appealing features... ...

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