China to Participate in the European X-ray Laser Project XFEL

Within the framework of the meeting of the international XFEL Steering Committee in Berlin, today two representatives of the People's Republic of China's Ministry of Science and Technology signed the Memorandum of Understanding ...

Maths scholar solves puzzle, wins world acclaim

Finding a solution to a mathematical puzzle unsolved for over 15 years has won an ANU mathematical physicist two prestigious awards this month, with long-term practical implications for the physical sciences.

Bush signs bill to buy a Russian Soyuz

NASA can purchase a Russian Soyuz, the only spacecraft that can serve as a lifeboat for the International Space Station, under a bill signed this week.

Wireless World: Broadband credit scores

Telecom companies are scrounging for ways to mitigate their risk when modeling cutting-edge wireless and broadband technology deployments -- and many are considering using credit scores to vet prospects in order to establish ...

Manned vs. Unmanned Space Exploration (Part 2)

Watching the Apollo landings on the moon as a child I could hardly have imagined I was seeing the end of an era – that of manned exploration of space. Shuttle trips to low earth orbit not withstanding; the human race has ...