Archive: 25/10/2010

Tourism bureaus use social sites to promote sights

(AP) -- Dog sledding without snow? Karen Tolin knew the concept was a little hard to understand, but she believed a Facebook promotion for her White Mountains dog-sledding business through the state tourism division would ...

dateOct 25, 2010 in Internet
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Close-ups of snowflakes win Lennart Nilsson Award

The Lennart Nilsson Award for 2010 is to be awarded to the US physicist Kenneth Libbrecht. He is awarded the prize, which is worth SEK 100,000, for his images of snowflakes – images that open our eyes to the beauty of ...

dateOct 25, 2010 in Other
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ARTEMIS spacecraft believed stuck by object

Flight Dynamics data from THEMIS-B (one of the two ARTEMIS spacecraft) indicated that one of the EFI (electric field instrument)spherical tip masses may have been struck by a meteoroid at 0605 UT on October 14. All science ...

dateOct 25, 2010 in Space Exploration
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