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String Theory's Next Top Model

Ernest Rutherford used to tell his physics students that if they couldn't explain a concept to a barmaid, they didn't really understand the concept. With regard to the cosmological implications of string theory, the barmaids ...

dateOct 25, 2007 in General Physics
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Linguists looking for a Pacific Northwest dialect

Linguists generally believe the West is too young to have evolved separate identifiable accent features or words, as has happened in other areas of the United States, and they usually lump together everyone living west of ...

dateOct 25, 2007 in Other
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Alice on Trial, Redux

When Alice revs her engine at the start of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Urban Challenge qualifying rounds on October 27, multitudes of cameras will be pointing at her. But she'll only care about the ...

dateOct 25, 2007 in Engineering
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Ancient DNA reveals that some Neanderthals were redheads

Ancient DNA retrieved from the bones of two Neanderthals suggests that at least some of them had red hair and pale skin, scientists report this week in the journal Science. The international team says that Neanderthals' pigmentation ...

dateOct 25, 2007 in
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