Archive: 25/10/2006

One-of-a-kind magnet open for science

The world's most powerful pulsed, nondestructive magnet is now ready to explore the frontiers of high magnetic field science - after 10 years of research, major instrument development, and construction.

dateOct 25, 2006 in General Physics
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Twenty-two Projects Keep Supercomputer Super Busy

With 54 teraflops of computing power, Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Cray XT3 is helping solve scientific grand challenges, but scheduling the many research projects and keeping the massive machine operating at peak capacity ...

dateOct 25, 2006 in Other
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New, bigger barnacle discovered on Florida’s east coast

A bigger barnacle than Florida has seen before has made its way to the state’s east coast. Experts aren’t sure what the oversized Megabalanus coccopoma’s impact will be, but it’s been spotted this month in St. Augustine ...

dateOct 25, 2006 in
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Astronomers weigh 200-million-year-old baby galaxies

Astronomers have taken amazing pictures of two of the most distant galaxies ever seen. The ultradeep images, taken at infrared wavelengths, confirm for the first time that these celestial cherubs are real. The researchers ...

dateOct 25, 2006 in Astronomy
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