Hoping for mining boom, Canada opens last frontier

Dropping beneath low-lying clouds, a float plane circles a rocky landscape on the edge of the Arctic Circle grooved by the last ice age eight millennia ago and since then bathed by hundreds of rivers and lakes.

NY Sen. Schumer accuses OnStar of invading privacy

(AP) -- The OnStar automobile communication service used by 6 million Americans maintains its two-way connection with a customer even after the service is discontinued, while reserving the right to sell data from that connection.

Jumping gene enabled key step in corn domestication

Corn split off from its closest relative teosinte, a wild Mexican grass, about 10,000 years ago thanks to the breeding efforts of early Mexican farmers. Today it's hard to tell that the two plants were ever close kin: Corn ...

Samsung says 10 million Galaxy S II handsets sold

South Korea's Samsung Electronics, the world's second-largest mobile phone maker after Nokia, said Sunday it had sold 10 million Galaxy S II smartphones worldwide since the device debuted in April.

Hundreds in Seattle rally against fossil fuel use

(AP) -- A few hundred people in Seattle have joined citizens around the globe in rallying against fossil fuel use and in support of alternative means of transportation.

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