Archive: 25/09/2007

MIT tether could aid asteroid missions

Using a tether system devised by MIT researchers, astronauts could one day stroll across the surface of small asteroids, collecting samples and otherwise exploring these rocks in space without floating away.

dateSep 25, 2007 in Space Exploration
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Cluster of video games maps brain

Four college students have devised a way to use a cluster of Sony PLAYSTATION3 video game consoles, for large-scale modeling of the human brain. Their design won them first place – and $10,000 – in IBM’s Cell Broadband ...

dateSep 25, 2007 in Hardware
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Viewing dye-packed vesicles causes them to explode

It’s a long-standing question: Can just the act of observing an experiment affect the results? According to a new study by Rockefeller University scientists, if the experiment uses a fluorescent dye called acridine orange, ...

dateSep 25, 2007 in
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