Archive: 25/07/2006

Titan's pebbles 'seen' by Huygens radio

An unexpected radio reflection from the surface of Titan has allowed ESA scientists to deduce the average size of stones and pebbles close to the Huygens’ landing site. The technique could be used on other lander missions ...

dateJul 25, 2006 in Space Exploration
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New Picture of Quasar Emerges

In the distant, young universe, quasars shine with a brilliance unmatched by anything in the local cosmos. Although they appear starlike in optical telescopes, quasars are actually the bright centers of galaxies located billions ...

dateJul 25, 2006 in Astronomy
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Giant ocean sunfish seen off Cornish coast

An aerial survey has reportedly detected a sudden influx of the world's largest bony fish -- the giant ocean sunfish -- into Cornwall's coastal waters.

dateJul 25, 2006 in
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Vodafone's CEO survives -- for now

Vodafone hasn't shied away from making its grievances over personnel matters very public, but the world's biggest mobile carrier group Tuesday continued to air its dirty laundry out in the open at its latest shareholders' ...

dateJul 25, 2006 in Business
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New search engine to track down viruses

The hundreds of thousands of computer users whose PCs have been torn asunder by viruses could now have a new weapon in their arsenal against online attacks. A new search engine has been launched that will exclusively hunt ...

dateJul 25, 2006 in Internet
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