Name new computing technology, win $500

A $500 prize is being offered for the winning name submitted for the prototype of what may be the next generation of personal computers.

New Technology Takes the Worry Out of E-mail

No need to fret about your firm's problems with e-mails and attachments thanks to Xapio, a new compliance company. Xapio is a University of Utah start-up founded by inventor and entrepreneur, Stefano Foresti.

School bus emissions study to be released

A U.S. government study suggested anti-idling advocates are on the right track in an ongoing debate concerning school bus exhaust emissions.

Model aids understanding of protein networks

An international team of researchers, including several from MIT, has developed a computational model that helps identify relationships between proteins and the enzymes that regulate them.

Radioactive iron, a window to the stars

ESA’s orbiting gamma-ray observatory, Integral, has made a pioneering unequivocal discovery of radioactive iron-60 in our galaxy that provides powerful insight into the workings of massive stars that pervade and shape it.

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