'Yurbuds' offer pain-free listening

Seth Burgett tried out three different kinds of earbuds when he was training for a half Iron Man triathlon, but found all of them -- even the custom-fitted ones -- to be so painful that he developed headaches.

Projects across U.S. turn landfill gas into energy

More U.S. communities are turning trash into power. Nationwide, the number of landfill gas projects, which convert methane gas emitted from decomposing garbage into power, jumped from 399 in 2005 to 519 last year, according ...

New digital cameras add to zoom and toughen up

Most point-and-shoot cameras have a midsize LCD preview screen and short zoom lens that brings you slightly closer to the action. That's about to change.

Solar panels go through extreme tests at San Jose lab

At a nondescript office park in San Jose, solar panels from manufacturers around the world are going through tests of extreme endurance to make sure they are safe to put on your roof.

GPS Jamming Devices Pose Many Threats (w/ Video)

(PhysOrg.com) -- The latest GPS jamming devices are now being used by car thieves in the UK to render stolen cars and trucks undetectable by law enforcement. These devices also pose a threat to airlines and US military overseas.

Sirius XM earns small profit in 4Q

(AP) -- Sirius XM Radio Inc. on Thursday posted a small profit for the fourth quarter as it added subscribers and cut costs.

Pioneer of online job search starts over again

(AP) -- Bill Warren founded an early online job board in the 1990s, helped kick-start an industry and was president of Monster.com, one of the leading Internet career sites. But these days he's not very happy with the results.

Regulators propose grant program for public safety

(AP) -- Federal regulators will recommend that Congress devote up to $16 billion over 10 years to pay for a nationwide wireless broadband network that would allow police officers, firefighters and other emergency workers ...

Google warned by EU over Street View map photos

(AP) -- European Union data privacy regulators are telling Google Inc. to warn people before it sends cameras out into cities to take pictures for its Street View maps, adding to the company's legal worries in Europe.

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