VIMS issues annual dead-zone report card for the Chesapeake Bay

An annual model-based report on "dead-zone" conditions in the Chesapeake Bay during 2018 indicates that the total volume of low-oxygen, "hypoxic" waters was very similar to the previous year, but a sharp drop in hypoxia during ...

Ice-age climate clues unearthed

How cold did Earth get during the last ice age? The truth may lie deep beneath lakes and could help predict how the planet will warm again.Sediments in lake beds hold chemical records of ages past, among them the concurrent ...

El Nino could bring drought relief to southwestern US

Climatologists said Wednesday that conditions are right for an El Nino weather pattern to develop that could bring wetter-than-normal conditions this winter in drought-stricken areas of the southwestern U.S.

Parker solar probe looks back at home

On Sept. 25, 2018, Parker Solar Probe captured a view of Earth as it sped toward the first Venus gravity assist of the mission. Earth is the bright, round object visible in the right side of the image.

New air-filled fiber bundle could make endoscopes smaller

Researchers have fabricated a new kind of air-filled optical fiber bundle that could greatly improve endoscopes used for medical procedures like minimally invasive surgeries or bronchoscopies. The new technology might also ...

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