Nokia's map data reveals flow of highway life

(Phys.org) —Nokia's HERE business is casting bright light on Nokia as a company making use of technologies capable of what it calls "mapping for life," enabling better safety for drivers and better use of information for ...

Oversight board urges updated surveillance rules

An independent oversight board reviewing secret U.S. government surveillance programs warned the Obama administration that national security agencies' rules governing surveillance are outdated and need to be revised to reflect ...

Report: Puerto Rico unprepared for climate change

Environmental officials and scientists warned Friday that Puerto Rico is dangerously vulnerable to the effects of global climate change and urged it to prepare by better-regulated coastal development, and perhaps even by ...

Latvia's ask.fm to 'mature' after teen suicide uproar

Caught in a storm over a British teenager's suicide, Latvia's huge social networking website ask.fm has pledged to make changes and "mature", though supporters say it's being made a scapegoat.

At a Glance: Microsoft CEO Ballmer's ups and downs

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced on Friday that he plans to retire from the world's biggest software company after more than 13 years at its helm. Here's a look at the ups and downs of his tenure:

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