Archive: 24/03/2010

When noise becomes the signal

( -- European researchers have developed a new class of electronics that uses noise -- normally a problem -- as part of the signal. It means better, faster electronics.

dateMar 24, 2010 in Engineering
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Google Inc's deals in doubt amid spat with Beijing

(AP) -- Google Inc.'s business ties in China unraveled a little more amid a widening backlash to the U.S. Internet company's decision to move its Chinese search engine offshore in a challenge to the country's online censorship ...

dateMar 24, 2010 in Internet
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Former Samsung chairman Lee returns to top post

(AP) -- Lee Kun-hee, the former chairman of Samsung Electronics convicted of tax evasion and later pardoned by South Korea's president, has returned to lead the company after a nearly two-year absence.

dateMar 24, 2010 in Business
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European privacy battle looms for Facebook, Google

(AP) -- You have been tagged in 12 photos. Even if you're not signed up to the Web site. European regulators are investigating whether the practice of posting photos, videos and other information about people on sites such ...

dateMar 24, 2010 in Internet
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