Archive: 24/03/2008

'Superdense' coding gets denser

The record for the most amount of information sent by a single photon has been broken by researchers at the University of Illinois. Using the direction of “wiggling” and “twisting” of a pair of hyper-entangled photons, ...

dateMar 24, 2008 in General Physics
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Birth of an enzyme

Mankind triumphed in a recent 'competition' against nature when scientists succeeded in creating a new type of enzyme for a reaction for which no naturally occurring enzyme has evolved. This achievement opens the door to ...

dateMar 24, 2008 in
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Coral's addiction to 'junk food'

Over two hundred million humans depend for their subsistence on the fact that coral has an addiction to ‘junk food’ - and orders its partners, the symbiotic algae, to make it. This curious arrangement is one of Nature’s ...

dateMar 24, 2008 in Environment
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Researchers boost beef jerky safety

The latest spate of meat recalls due to E. coli O157:H7 and Salmonella contamination might have consumers wondering about the safety of their meat products.

dateMar 24, 2008 in Other
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