Modifying proteins to combat disease

Transmitting from one generation to the next the genetic message encoded in DNA is a well-understood concept in biology. There is now increasing awareness that chemical modifications of DNA and associated proteins are also ...

New pest field guide for plantation industry

Murdoch University researchers have compiled a new field guide for the hardwood plantation industry which features more than 400 photographs of pests, diseases and nutrient deficiencies.

Nokia returns to profit but sales keep dropping (Update)

Struggling Nokia Corp. turned a fourth-quarter net profit of €202 million ($270 million) compared with a loss of $1 billion a year earlier, but revenue fell 20 percent as it failed to make gains in the fiercely competitive ...

Young engineers build a robotic bridge to reach seniors

Amid a sea of gray beards and walking canes, a small voice piped up, "Hey, who moved my NXT?" Adjusting his thick-rimmed faux reading glasses and taped-on Groucho moustache, the 5th grader took off in search of the missing ...

Designer babies may explain insect sociality

(—Being able to choose the sex of their babies may be the key to the complex societies built by ants, bees, and wasps, according to Oxford University scientists.

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