Flexible soaring style keeps vultures aloft longer

Vultures are poor flappers and need to soar in order to fly, relying on updrafts to gain altitude. Spend enough time watching vultures, though, and you'll notice them wobbling at low altitudes as well as circling high in ...

Roaring good times for small video-game studios

Jesse Rapczak left his job helping design the HoloLens headset, one of the most ambitious Microsoft projects in decades, to chase a simple premise: Nobody has made a great dinosaur video game.

Ecologists find another cause of antibiotic resistance

While the rapid emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has prompted the medical community, non-profit organizations, public health officials and the national media to educate the public to the dangers of misusing and ...

Iron-Age Norwegians liked their bling

Seen from the air, the peninsula that is home to the mid-Norway town of ├śrland and the nation's Main Air Station, looks like the head of a seahorse with its nose pointed south.

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