Archive: 23/10/2007

Researchers improve memory devices using nanotech

Arizona State University’s Center for Applied Nanoionics (CANi) has a new take on old memory, one that promises to boost the performance, capacity and battery life of consumer electronics from digital cameras to laptops. ...

dateOct 23, 2007 in Nanophysics
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Researchers probe undersea earthquake zone

Over the next five years, an international team of scientists will drill deep into the Earth's crust off the shore of Japan to understand how undersea earthquakes are generated and to establish a series of permanent undersea ...

dateOct 23, 2007 in Earth Sciences
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To Catch a Galactic Thief

On Earth, thieves steal everything from diamonds to art to bags full of money. In space, gas - fuel for making stars - is a commodity worth the price of theft.

dateOct 23, 2007 in Astronomy
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