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Hybrid 'Muttsucker' Has Genes of Three Species

In the murky waters of an inconspicuous stream in a remote area of Wyoming, researchers detail the potential impact that an introduced fish, the white sucker, could have on the evolutionary biology of fishes.

dateJul 23, 2008 in
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Nanoparticle Research Points to Energy Savings

( -- Adding just the right dash of nanoparticles to standard mixes of lubricants and refrigerants could yield the equivalent of an energy-saving chill pill for factories, hospitals, ships, and others with large ...

dateJul 23, 2008 in Nanomaterials
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How Secure Is Your Network? NIST Model Knows

( -- Data breaches are a recurring nightmare for IT managers responsible for securing not only their company’s confidential data, but possibly also sensitive information belonging to their clients, such as social ...

dateJul 23, 2008 in Computer Sciences
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First Solar: Quest for the $1 Watt

Photovoltaic cells, once so costly they could be used only to power million-dollar satellites, are today turning up even on humble parking meters. Now a brash Tempe, Ariz., company called First Solar plans to take the technology ...

dateJul 23, 2008 in Energy & Green Tech
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Biofilms use chemical weapons

Bacteria rarely come as loners; more often they grow in crowds and squat on surfaces where they form a community together. These so-called biofilms develop on any surface that bacteria can attach themselves to. The dilemma ...

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