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Fruit fly gene from 'out of nowhere' is discovered

Scientists thought that most new genes were formed from existing genes, but Cornell researchers have discovered a gene in some fruit flies that appears to be unrelated to other genes in any known genome.

dateJul 23, 2007 in
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Self-Assembling Nanoparticles Image Tumor Cells

By taking advantage of the full range of ways in which molecules can interact with and bind to one another, a team of investigators at the Carolina Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence has created nanoparticles that ...

dateJul 23, 2007 in Bio & Medicine
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Americans Warming to Nuclear Power - MIT Survey

Americans' icy attitudes toward nuclear power are beginning to thaw, according to a new survey from MIT. The report also found a U.S. public increasingly unhappy with oil and more willing to develop alternative energy sources ...

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