Archive: 23/05/2006

Surviving the Tough Life

University of Arkansas researchers have shown that methane-producing microorganisms can survive for up to 25 days without water, which might make such creatures even more likely candidates for the type of life that could ...

dateMay 23, 2006 in
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Hard-nosed Advice to Lunar Prospectors

Long before David Beaty became associate Chief Scientist for NASA's Mars Program, he was a prospector. Beaty spent 10 years surveying remote parts of Earth for precious metals and another 12 years hunting for oil. And this ...

dateMay 23, 2006 in Space Exploration
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A Quantum CPU: the Pentium Q?

A new design scheme for a quantum processor core makes potential quantum computers more technically feasible, more efficient, and in many cases faster by keeping all of the quantum bits active all the time, rather than switching ...

dateMay 23, 2006 in General Physics
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