Archive: 23/01/2011

Music industry takes to the digital cloud

Music is taking to the clouds after Sony said it is expanding its cloud-based digital Music Unlimited service around Europe to enable fans to access music on their digital devices.

dateJan 23, 2011 in Internet
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Curved carbon for electronics of the future

A new scientific discovery could have profound implications for nanoelectronic components. Researchers from the Nano-Science Center at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with Japanese researchers, ...

dateJan 23, 2011 in General Physics
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UK phone-hacking 'targeted ex-premier Brown'

Britain's opposition Labour party called Sunday for a fresh police probe into phone-hacking by journalists, amid reports that former prime minister Gordon Brown was among the high-profile figures targeted.

dateJan 23, 2011 in Other
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Internet exhausting addresses, but no IPocalypse

The Internet is running out of addresses. With everything from smartphones to Internet-linked appliances and cars getting online, the group entrusted with organizing the Web is running out of the "IP" numbers that identify ...

dateJan 23, 2011 in Internet
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