Consumers worried over holiday ID theft

A majority of consumers believe they are more susceptible to identity theft during the holiday season, reports a survey by Sun Microsystems.

Feature: Hot-selling tech toys

From the iPod to the Xbox, Robosapien V2 Robot and Amazing Amanda Interactive Baby Doll, there are a number of tech toys that are expected to be hot sellers this year.

NRL demonstrates fuel cell-powered unmanned aerial system

The Naval Research Laboratory, in collaboration with industrial partners, demonstrated an unmanned aerial system (UAS) flight solely powered by fuel cell technology. The flight of the 5.6-pound 'Spider-Lion" lasted 3 hours, ...

Tech shrinks geography for offshore

Geography has been eliminated by technology, bringing unexpected new players like Ghana, Egypt, Jordan and Bulgaria high into the rankings of top locations for offshore services, says a new Global Services Location Index ...

Motorola and Skype announce certified Bluetooth headset

Motorola, Inc. and Skype today announced the first Skype-certified Bluetooth headset solution in America, the Motorola Wireless Internet Calling Kit. The Motorola Wireless Internet Calling Kit enables Skype users to experience ...

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