Why WikiLeaks' bid for radical transparency failed

The scale and significance of the 2010 WikiLeaks disclosures were overstated, according to new research. Analysis of the WikiLeaks debacle in the International Review of Administrative Sciences, published by SAGE on behalf ...

Senator: Employers shouldn't seek site passwords

(AP) -- A Democratic senator from Connecticut is writing a bill that would stop the practice of employers asking job applicants for their Facebook or other social media passwords, he told The Associated Press on Thursday.

T-Mobile cutting a net 1,900 call-center jobs

(AP) -- Cellphone carrier T-Mobile USA Inc. said Thursday that it is cutting 1,900 jobs nationwide as it consolidates its call centers in an effort to reduce costs and remain competitive.

Bringing dinosaur tracks back to light

The 600 footprints from the Jurassic period displayed beneath a domed exhibit center at Dinosaur State Park tell only part of their story.

Airplane rivals launch joint biofuel project

Plane makers and bitter rivals Airbus of Europe, Boeing of the US and Embraer of Brazil announced on Thursday a joint plan to develop affordable biofuels for the airplane industry.

NASA releases new moon pics requested by students

(AP) -- A NASA spacecraft in orbit around the moon has sent back five dozen new images of the lunar surface including a view of the far side with Earth in the distance.

Possible new route to fight dengue virus pointed

Researchers have identified enzymes and biochemical compounds called lipids that are targeted and modified by the dengue virus during infection, suggesting a potential new approach to control the aggressive mosquito-borne ...

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