Study: 99 percent probability of Los Angeles-area quake (Update)

There is a 99.9 percent chance of a magnitude-5 or greater earthquake striking within three years in the greater Los Angeles area, where a similar sized temblor caused more than $12 million in damage last year, according ...

In an urban environment, not all vultures are created equal

Not being picky about your food means you can live just about anywhere, and some vultures are good at adapting to landscape fragmentation caused by humans, but new research forthcoming in The Condor: Ornithological Applications ...

Cuba launches shark protection plan produced with US group

Cuba announced Wednesday that it is launching a long-term plan to preserve its sharks in cooperation with a U.S. environmental group, part of a rapidly accelerating partnership between the two countries aimed at preserving ...

MIT to fight climate change, but won't divest fossil fuels

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced a five-year plan Wednesday to combat climate change but said it won't divest its $12.4 billion endowment from fossil fuels, despite pressure from students and a campus committee.

WikiLeaks publishes CIA director John Brennan's emails

The WikiLeaks organization posted material Wednesday from what appears to be CIA Director John Brennan's personal email account, including a draft security clearance application containing personal information.

Former telescope to be removed from Hawaiian mountain

The University of Hawaii has announced the third Mauna Kea observatory that will be decommissioned, fulfilling the governor's request to remove 25 percent of the telescopes from the mountain.

GPM checks rainfall rates in Category 4 Hurricane Olaf

Hurricane Olaf has been a Category 4 hurricane for three days in the Central Pacific Ocean. The Global Precipitation Measurement mission (GPM) analyzed rainfall rates occurring in the major hurricane.

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