Archive: 21/04/2011

Japan Internet providers block child porn

A group of Japanese internet service providers started blocking access to child porn websites on Thursday as part of efforts to crack down on the spread of sexually explicit images of children.

dateApr 21, 2011 in Internet
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New theory of evolution for spiral galaxy arms

( -- A study of spiral patterns found in galaxies like our Milky Way could overturn the theory of how the spiral arm features form and evolve. The results are being presented by postgraduate student, Robert Grand, ...

dateApr 21, 2011 in Astronomy
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Expedition to search for hybrid gibbons

This July an expedition will set out for the central highlands of Indonesian Borneo to sample the biodiversity of uncharted areas, track ape populations and find out how remote communities interact with their environment.

dateApr 21, 2011 in Ecology
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