Review: New Roku, TV Play streaming video players a hit and a miss

For watching Internet video on your TV, I'm a big fan of streaming video players. These typically are inexpensive, hockey-puck sized boxes that plug into your TV and offer access to dozens of Internet channels and sometimes ...

Google to Congress: Time to change email laws

Google Inc. is calling on the U.S. Congress to update laws related to email and other forms of electronic communications, calling the current rules outdated and inconsistent.

Africa is land of opportunity for Microsoft

When Microsoft announced recently that it was starting a big push to grow its market in Africa, it cited the continent's big growth opportunities, calling Africa a "game changer in the global economy."

Marriage of technologies makes drivers greener

(Phys.org) —Following a slight modification of the old adage "If you can't beat them join them," a Simon Fraser University researcher says that if you marry plug-in electric vehicles with green technology, you have a winner.

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