The stellar superhighway in the Milky Way

Conventional wisdom suggests that, like planets round the Sun, stars follow approximately circular orbits which cross the spiral arms, and that the Sun presently lies in a spur rather than a major spiral arm.

Dawn sees new surface features on giant asteroid

(PhysOrg.com) -- NASA's Dawn spacecraft has revealed unexpected details on the surface of the giant asteroid Vesta. New images and data highlight the diversity of Vesta's surface and reveal unusual geologic features, some ...

Major Yahoo shareholder launches board challenge

(AP) -- A major Yahoo shareholder has launched a campaign to win four seats on the Internet company's board, setting the stage for a nasty battle that could drag on for months.

China passes US in smartphone activations: report

China has passed the United States when it comes to how many people are adopting smartphones and tablets powered by Apple or Google software, mobile analytics firm Flurry said Wednesday.

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