Microsoft says Android e-reader violates patents

Microsoft on Monday accused Taiwan electronics colossus Foxconn and US book seller Barnes & Noble of using its patented technology in e-readers running on Google-backed Android software.

T-Mobile's AT&T-mocking ads likely to retire

(AP) -- In its TV ads, T-Mobile USA portrays the cellular network of its soon-to-be parent company as a droll, middle-aged bald man in a gray suit. It's highly likely that this droll bald man will retire now that AT&T Inc. ...

AT&T to sell phone with 3-D screen and camera

(AP) -- Hot on the heels of the Nintendo 3DS game device and its 3-D screen, AT&T plans to launch a smartphone with a 3-D screen and a dual-lens camera for 3-D snapshots.

Spacebound bacteria inspire earthbound remedies

Recent research aboard the Space Shuttle is giving scientists a better understanding of how infectious disease occurs in space and could someday improve astronaut health and provide novel treatments for people on Earth.

NASA infrared satellite imagery shows Cyclone Cherono dwindling

Three days of NASA infrared satellite imagery provides a clear picture to forecasters of the effect wind shear has had on former Cyclone Cherono. Wind shear increased near Cyclone Cherono this weekend and weakened it down ...

What AT&T-T-Mobile deal could mean for customers

(AP) -- AT&T Inc. has agreed to buy T-Mobile USA for $39 billion, but the deal isn't set to close until a year from now, and it will likely face tough regulatory scrutiny. Here's what a completed deal could mean for customers:

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