More than 100 new species of insects discovered in Norway

You've no doubt been irritated by them on the terrace many a summer evening: biting midges so small that you hardly notice them until they start feeding on your blood, leaving countless itchy bites.

Locating poor air quality in cities

People in big cities breathe bad air. Bad air that consists of particulate matter and other pollutants, which pose health risks to urban citizens. Researchers led by Dr. Martin Ramacher of the Hereon Institute of Coastal ...

Why language matters: Endangered languages and discrimination

Every two weeks, one of the world's estimated 7,000 languages becomes extinct. It is estimated that only about half of our current languages will still be spoken in the coming century. When UNESCO's "International Mother ...

How the Nazi years influenced the Nobel Prize in Literature

Paulus Tiozzo studied the Nobel Prize and German literature for his thesis. Previously inaccessible archival material shows how members of the Swedish Academy viewed German literature during the two World Wars and the influence ...

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