Huge spring tides draw crowds to French Atlantic coast

France kicked off nearly a month of exceptionally large spring tides Saturday, as tourists flocked to coastal areas to witness spectacularly high water levels ahead of the so-called "tide of the century" March 21.

Review: Three ways to control your lights at home or away

Home automation seems to be one of those tech industry snowballs that's starting to roll downhill. The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show was packed with new ways to control your home environment.

Arctic oil drillers face tighter US rules to stop spills

Royal Dutch Shell Plc and any oil drilling company that prospects in the Arctic Ocean must boost safety practices to prevent spills in the frigid and often hostile waters or mitigate the impact, U.S. regulators proposed Friday.

US State Dept blocks thousands of hack attacks every day

The State Department faces thousands of cyber attacks every day, a top US official said Friday, refusing to confirm that hackers who breached their system in November were reportedly still lurking in the network.