Study confirms that road users are jamming GPS signals

The first direct evidence of GPS jammers in use on British roads will be presented today alongside predictions of a major incident involving ships in the English Channel over the next decade caused by disruption to navigation ...

Anonymous says power grid not a target

Hacker group Anonymous strongly rejected suggestions on Tuesday that followers could cause a power outage by staging a cyberattack on an electricity grid.

AT&T CEO takes $2M pay cut over T-Mobile deal

(AP) -- AT&T's board cut CEO Randall Stephenson's 2011 pay by $2.08 million because he engineered the failed deal to buy T-Mobile USA, according to a regulatory filing.

PlayStation Vita's rear pad a touchy subject

(AP) -- There's a suspicious knock on the wall. A dimwitted henchman working for an evil mastermind named Bakuki goes over to investigate the strange noise and then - WOOSH! - his blotchy body splatters across the room after ...

Caught in the act: Study discovers microbes speciating

Not that long ago in a hot spring in Kamchatka, Russia, two groups of genetically indistinguishable microbes decided to part ways. They began evolving into different species – despite the fact that they still encountered ...

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