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Bacteria can be made to spin spider silk

Biological and medical research is on the threshold of a new era based on better understanding of how large organic molecules bind together and recognise each other. There is great potential for exploiting the molecular docking ...

dateFeb 21, 2008 in
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Paving the way for green roads

Kevin Gardner sees green roads right around the corner. “A lot of the infrastructure in this country needs to be re-built,” says Gardner, University of New Hampshire associate professor of civil engineering and director ...

dateFeb 21, 2008 in Engineering
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Empty nest syndrome may not be bad after all, study finds

One day they are crawling, the next day they are driving and then suddenly they aren’t kids anymore. As children reach adulthood, the parent-child relationship changes as parents learn to adapt to newly independent children. ...

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Edinburgh astronomers deliver 'origins' camera

Today the Science and Technology Facility Council’s UK Astronomy Technology Centre (UK ATC) at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh shipped its biggest and most complex ever instrument. The giant camera known as SCUBA-2 will ...

dateFeb 21, 2008 in Astronomy
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