Hydrogen-fueled cars stuck at the gate

Analysts say hydrogen fuel cells have major hurdles to overcome before U.S. consumers will accept the technology in their cars.

Study: Global cooling a 1970s myth

A U.S. climatologist said there was no consensus in the 1970s that the Earth was headed for a new ice age.

Off the hook: Stronger soft-plastic fishing lure reels in raves

Working with University of Wisconsin-Madison engineering and business school faculty and students, a Wisconsin entrepreneur has perfected a fiber-reinforced fishing lure that may prevent millions of pounds of toxic plastics ...

NVIDIA Reveals First Next-Generation GeForce 9 Series GPU

NVIDIA Corporation has unveiled the first graphics processing unit (GPU) of its next-generation GeForce 9 Series that may offer the largest single-generation performance jump in the Company’s history. Introduced today, ...

'Two-Faced' Particles Act Like Tiny Submarines

For the first time, researchers at North Carolina State University have demonstrated that microscopic "two-faced" spheres whose halves are physically or chemically different – so-called Janus particles – will move like ...

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