Bargain Basement Satellites

Looking for a cheap fare 'round the world? Your search is over. A NASA team has built a small, low-cost satellite called FASTSAT, and it's almost ready to fly. Need some details before you sign up? Read on.

Goddard Engineers and Divers Multi-Task for Hubble

Ever wonder how NASA astronauts prepare for Hubble Space Telescope servicing missions? I wish I could say it’s rocket science, but what it really comes down to is lots of preparation. And the astronauts spend many hours ...

Bees are the new silkworms

Moths and butterflies, particularly silkworms, are well known producers of silk. And we all know spiders use it for their webs. But they are not the only invertebrates who make use of the strength and versatility of silk.

Year-old Storm virus still infecting PCs

Anti-spam experts in the United States predicted the year-old, constantly mutating Storm virus could send up to 500 million messages during the holiday season.

Bush hails skin cell-stem cell findings

U.S. President George Bush said Tuesday he was pleased to learn that scientists have reprogrammed skin cells into stem cells "within ethical boundaries."

S. Korea outlines space program

South Korean space officials said Tuesday they plan to send an unmanned probe to the moon's orbit in 2020 and land a probe on the moon's surface in 2025.

The World's Tiniest Projector: Hikari Pro 920

Oculon will show its latest development in pocket size projectors at the International CES, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The tiny projectors weigh 10 ounces and promise color accuracy and portability.

Selfish DNA and the Genetic Control of Vector-Borne Diseases

Mosquito borne diseases such as malaria and dengue cause suffering and death around the world. Malaria alone causes at least one million deaths annually, and is particularly devastating in children under the age of five. ...

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