Archive: 20/10/2009

Professor calculates a cooler planet

( -- Some people fight global warming by driving fuel-efficient cars. Others weatherproof their houses or plant trees. Princeton's René Carmona does math. As the United States and other countries around ...

dateOct 20, 2009 in Mathematics
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Social memory in Drosophila

Positive social interactions exist within Drosophila: when in a group, Drosophila flies have better memory than when they are isolated. Thomas Preat's team at the Laboratoire de Neurobiologie (CNRS, France) has recently highlighted ...

dateOct 20, 2009 in Plants & Animals
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Luzon expecting a Lupit landfall

Typhoon Lupit is closing in on northern Luzon, the Philippines, and is expected to make a brief landfall (of about 24 hours) there October 22 before heading into the South China Sea.

dateOct 20, 2009 in Earth Sciences
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Will Judicial Judgment Change Cyberspace?

( -- The struggle of American courts to control the explosion of intellectual property rights violations on some of the most traveled highways of cyberspace poses a legal challenge to the judicial system with ...

dateOct 20, 2009 in Internet
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