Cost of insurance forcing many in Detroit to 'drive dirty'

Like most Americans, the drivers of Detroit are required to carry auto insurance whenever they get behind the wheel, but many law-abiding residents can't afford the Motor City's highest-in-the-nation auto premiums, which ...

Founder of 1 of North America's largest bird sanctuary dies

Walter "Stormy" Crawford Jr., whose founding of one of North America's largest bird conservation and rehabilitation centers was fueled by a childhood spent in Venezuela fascinated by exotic jungle birds, has died in Missouri. ...

Time to compromise for climate: French FM

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius urged top diplomats from 45 nations Monday to "start looking now for compromise" in forging a global climate rescue pact.

New tool for investigating RNA gone awry

RNA is a fundamental ingredient in all known forms of lifeā€”so when RNA goes awry, a lot can go wrong. RNA misregulation plays a critical role in the development of many disorders, such as mental disability, autism and cancer.

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