NASA develops new airplane fire sensor

NASA Wednesday announced the development of a new generation of fire detectors designed to significantly reduce the rate of false alarms aboard airliners.

Math institute gets largest NSF grant ever

The Institute for Mathematics and its Applications in Minnesota has received the largest math research grant ever made by the National Science Foundation.

Dustiest Star could harbour a young Earth

Results published in Nature today from observations carried out from the Gemini and W.M. Keck Observatories in Hawaii have revealed details about a relatively young dusty star located about 300 light years away - helping ...

Aussie museum displays huge dinosaur bones

Paleontologists in Brisbane, Australia, were proudly exhibiting Wednesday what they say is the largest group of dinosaur bones ever found in Australia.

U.S. Gets More Asian Air Pollution Than Thought

Air pollution blows across the Pacific Ocean from Asia to North America far more regularly than was previously thought, says a new UC Davis study. The findings are likely to affect attempts to clear hazy skies over much of ...

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