Sharing economy gets a wake-up call with Uber ruling

Silicon Valley has created a new breed of American worker: neither employee nor contractor, indispensable to the company but free to work as much or as little as they please - with no real boss.

Troy Wolverton: Samsung Galaxy S6 outshines HTC One M9

It's update time for Android smartphones, with top manufacturers releasing revised versions of their flagship devices. I've been testing two of the newly updated models - the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the HTC One m9 - and found ...

Will Pebble smartwatch be able to compete with Apple and Google?

Time's a ticking for Pebble. As the Palo Alto, Calif., smartwatch maker recently started sending the latest model of its phone-connected watches to those who helped fund its development, analysts cast doubt over its ability ...

Google's Nest launches new home camera, smoke detector

Under pressure to unveil new products after being bought by Google for $3.2 billion more than a year ago, Nest Labs on Wednesday introduced its first home camera, an updated smoke detector and new software for its smart thermostat.

Battle over proposed Yellowstone River dam ramps up

An escalating legal fight over a $59 million federal dam project on Montana's lower Yellowstone River could decide the fate of an endangered, dinosaur-like fish population that has been blocked from its spawning grounds for ...