Review: Padfone X combines tablet, smartphone

Most of my friends who own iPads also own iPhones. Apple bet that users would find enough differences between those devices that consumers would want both - and Apple was right.

US gov't moves to ban drones in 400 national parks (Update)

The U.S. National Park Service is taking steps to ban drones from 84 million acres (34 million hectares) of public lands and waterways, saying the unmanned aircraft annoy visitors, harass wildlife and threaten safety.

New test may provide 'smoking gun' for modified gravity

(Phys.org) —Since 1916, general relativity has provided a description of gravity that can explain many observations, including objects in free fall, gravitational lensing by massive objects, and black holes. Despite the ...

Great white shark numbers are surging, study says

A report that scientists are calling one of the most comprehensive studies of great white sharks finds their numbers are surging in the ocean off the Eastern U.S. and Canada after decades of decline.

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