Computing a secret, unbreakable key

What once took months by some of the world's leading scientists can now be done in seconds by undergraduate students thanks to software developed at the University of Waterloo's Institute for Quantum Computing, paving the ...

New Mexico pushes for remedies in wake of mine waste spill

The federal government and Colorado have made little progress in remedying damage from the release of millions of gallons of wastewater from a southern Colorado mine last year, New Mexico's top prosecutor charged in a pair ...

Space shuttle tank to be hauled to Los Angeles museum

A massive space shuttle external propellant tank will be squeezed through the streets of Los Angeles to join a display of the retired orbiter Endeavour at the California Science Center.

Utah lawmaker wants opt-in requirement for porn

A Utah lawmaker who succeeded in having pornography declared a public health crisis intends to continue his crusade through a bill that could require porn filters to be placed on the Internet.

Salmon sickness detected in farmed Canadian fish

Researchers led by a Canadian government scientist have diagnosed potential heart and skeletal muscle inflammation in farmed salmon from British Columbia province, the Canadian fisheries ministry announced Friday.

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