Archive: 20/01/2011

Unraveling the DNA stretching mystery

( -- Using a new experimental test structure, biophysicists at JILA have unraveled part of a 15-year mystery in the mechanics of DNA -- just how the molecule manages to suddenly extend to almost twice its normal ...

dateJan 20, 2011 in Biochemistry
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Internet: are European children at risk?

The risks encountered by young people on the Internet are less significant than is often believed. This has been demonstrated by the EU Kids Online survey, conducted in 25 European countries by a research network led by the ...

dateJan 20, 2011 in Internet
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Reading emotions, computer style

Having a computer that can read our emotions could lead to all sorts of new applications, including computer games where the player has to control their emotions while playing. Thomas Christy, a Computer Science PhD student ...

dateJan 20, 2011 in Computer Sciences
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