Archive: 2/11/2006

U of T home to first molecular printer in Canada

Think of it as a miniscule dot-matrix printer that uses biological ink. Students and faculty at the University of Toronto’s Institute for Optical Sciences (IOS) will have access to the Nano eNabler, the first benchtop molecular ...

dateNov 02, 2006 in Bio & Medicine
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Next energy technologies may mimic nature

New technologies will play a major role in providing the world's growing population with the energy it will need in the coming decades--that was one of the messages of the MIT Museum's second of three "Soap Box" events devoted ...

dateNov 02, 2006 in Energy & Green Tech
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A walk along an interface yields its mobility

In the October 27th issue of Science, researchers at Colorado School of Mines and Northeastern University report a novel computational methodology aimed at quantifying the kinetics of interfaces in diverse material systems. ...

dateNov 02, 2006 in General Physics
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Pulsating gels could power tiny robots

As a kid, did you ever put those little capsules into warm water and watch them grow into dinosaurs? When certain gels are put into a solution, they will not only expand, but also contract again, repeatedly, as if the little ...

dateNov 02, 2006 in Nanomaterials
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